Return of the Legends is based on Heroes of First Star which is the 5th game in the First Star Online series. "Heroes" brings a new idea to the MMORPG genre: The ability to control multiple characters instead of one. Your party of (up to) 5 hirelings lets you have an incredibly original and deep gameplay experience that is unrivaled.
Hereos of First Star will remind you of a classic console RPG, but with the ability to support an unlimited number of players at once across the world. You can send your party into tournaments, take down fortresses with your guild, go on a huge number of quests, and attempt to collect the 13 orbs which will take you to new worlds.
You can play Heroes of First Star for free as long as you like. The game is available for PC and Mac* . It's a small download and will give you hundreds of hours of enjoyment. The world is constantly changing, too. You don't have to download anything new to see improvments in the game. We have a dynamic, changing world which will always be added to. Play today! * Mac Client is currently unavailable.

Return of the Legends 2020