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First Star Online Stratics is the world's first strategic party-based MMORPG for Mac OS X and PC.

Build up your party of hirelings knights, alchemists, ninjas, rangers, wizards, necromancers, barbarians and dozens of other classes. Compete against other players, with up to 58 hirelings in a single battle.

Compete in the gladiator arena to build up your reputation, or attempt to take a fortress from a rival guild.

You do not need to register First Star Online Stratics to play. It is a free to play MMORPG. However, paid users will be allowed to broadcast messages to the entire server, send game mail, rent houses/guild halls, start guilds, and have their choice of a special item immediately added to their character.

Game Downloads
PC Download
Mac OS X Download
First Star Online Stratics requires a computer with 128 MB of RAM and 20 MB hard drive space. You will also need an unzipping program if you are using a PC. Macs have unzipping utilities built into Mac OS X.