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  • Updates you would like to know.

    Hey guys, just to let you know these things have been, added, adjusted or repaired.

    - Rudan Extension, this includes new mobs, new tower, 5th orb update new prize.
    - Dwarf is now obtainable from a battle in howl forest.
    - Drop rates have been getting increased across the whole game you should see an increase.
    - Paladin is being added so its obtainable in traitors valley, paladins are a high tier hireling so this battle is going to be quite difficult but definitely doable, it will remain in rudan castle but price will increase, diamonds have also been increased across the whole game to help for the raise.
    - Hireling buffs are being done, but not finished yet.
    -7th orb has been adjusted from 3 Imperial Traitors to 6.
    - Secret Reward Chest added to Howl Swamp.

    You can expect more content being added at any part of the game.

    Reply or get me in game for any questions. =)
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    Just another update on whats been put in.

    Demon now for sale in Izun

    Destroy undead spell added into game for sale.

    Shortcuts have been made throughout the game to help reduce abit of walking, need requirements for certain portals though. Keep an eye out!

    Dwarf now obtained from a battle in howl forest.

    Dragon snake mobs added to Izun forest

    Boss fights added in Izun Forest

    Trauma extension added. You can now find Dark Knight hireling and obtain one, enjoy!

    Holy Aura Spell Stone added into Sonalit for sale.

    Frozen North and Howl expansion to come.
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