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Heroes of First Star Feature Timeline

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  • Heroes of First Star Feature Timeline

    Hi Everyone,
    With all the recent suggestions I wanted to create a kind-of timeline so everyone can have an idea of when things may be released.
    Everything here, may be moved around or delayed so don't 100% expect it to be released within the time frame listed, but you should get an idea of when things will come out.

    I will try keep this list updated.

    Coming 1-2 Weeks:
    • Increased currency drop rates by 10-15% depending on where it's needed.
    • New Areas around Rudan, with quests & maybe a new tower.
    • Gladiator Sword added back to Sona Arena.
    • Open a Wiki for the community to adjust. (Staff will add some things, but this will mainly rely on the community to update/be active on it.)
    Coming in 2-4 Weeks:
    • Minor Priest Spell Added, to assist with gaining XP.
    • Added new Houses/Guild Halls, with cheaper rental options for storage.
    • Buffs to Elven Archer, Barbarian and Dwarf. (still not yet decided on how much)
    • Stat up's will be adjusted so only the right classes will recieve them.
    Coming 1-2 Months:
    • Adjust Alchemist Hireling to be move viable.
    • Add Hunter Hireling back to the game.
    • Add new items for Alchemist & Hunter.
    • Amazing Charm Adjust NPC (You can pay a fee to adjust your Hirelings to Amazing Charm HP, will require you to have a Amazing Charm

    There are more things being worked on than this, but this is what we currently have on our minds for updates. Things will be added to this list, when we are ready to announce them or if the game needs it.