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    Just curious if there is going to be a change to the kill amount stat bonus'. i vaguely remember they came 4 per monster type at 100,250,500,1000. seems like its only 100 now. and stats on every 4 level doesn't show either.

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    Hi Randy,

    With the default settings we are using on our FSOS server the bonus skills you would be granted are only at the 100 kill mark, we could be open to giving them out at higher ranks but for that to happen I would like to see what other members of the community think, if there is some interest I'll look into making a change to offer you points at multiple kill goals E.g. (200, 500, 100) or what ever would be best suited.


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      all good man, i was just curious if it was planned or not. no skin off my bones if it stays as is.

      appreciate the response.